A glimpse into the life of girl from LA.


A look into the life of a young adult living in Southern California

Hey! I’m Lexi. Welcome to my blog! If you’re like me, interested in many things, then I’m sure we’ll be the best of friends. I’m the type of person that cannot, for the life of me, sit still and am forever asking questions about EVERYTHING. My nickname really should be Curious Lexi. I honestly and truly enjoy learning new things and seeing how things work. But it wasn’t always like that. Well, the curious part yes. Growing up I was the most shiest little girl you’ve ever met. Glued to my moms’ leg is usually where you could find me in any social setting. I didn’t like to interact with other people. I was afraid to.I was too worried about making a fool out of myself. Yes, that was something I worried about at such a young. 26 years later and I still have those same worries! But turns out its not because I’m shy (I do love meeting new people), its because of my social anxiety. Yes I just admitted that I suffer from social anxiety. It’s not something that I try to hid from people. You’ll probably see it talked about here because its such a big part of my life, it literally affects every aspect of my life–family, friends, work. If you are someone battling social anxiety, please feel free to reach out if you ever need someone talk to. My email is always open 🙂
Currently I reside in Los Angeles (born and raised). I was raised by my mom and my stepdad. I have 3 sister (1 half and 2 step). I am the definitely the black sheep in the family. A title that which I embrace! I have a big blended family. When I try to explain who everyone is, people tend to get confused.

Right now I work as a dog walker/sitter. Which I love! Spending my days with dogs is heaven for me. I am slowly learning how to code. I may not be awesome at it (yet!) but I’m working on that. When I’m not working or studying you can usually find me out with friends, hanging out with my boyfriend or playing with my dog. I enjoy anything involving food, so wherever the food’s at is where I’ll be.

Anyways, there’s so much more to learn about me so hopefully you’ll stick around. 🙂

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