Crystal Necklace

I was recently given this crystal necklace by BoutiqueLovin in exchange for my honest opinion.

Normally, I am not one to wear jewelry. I always feel like they just get in the way. And plus I’m really bad with matching accessories and my outfits. πŸ™ˆ When I first saw the necklace, I thought that it would be small. It ended up being a pretty nice sized crystal. At first, I wasn’t too sure if I would like it because of how big it is. But luckily the first time I wore it, I ended up falling in love with it! Honestly, I had also forgotten that I was wearing it.

One of my favorite things about it is that I can wear it with almost anything! I have worn it both with a casual outfit and when I was dressed up. I did think, at first, that the chain was a bit long, but once I put on I realized that if it was any smaller it wouldn’t look good.

As someone who never used to wear jewelry, this one single jewelry makes me want to go out and buy more! Its simple but beautiful design is something that I’ve wanted in a necklace for so long. I can’t wait to see what else BoutiqueLovin comes out with!

If you are interested in purchasing this necklace, you can find it here: