glammed up

Growing up I was basically an only child. I have sisters, one full sister, and two stepsisters. By the time I was a teenager my full sister was no longer living in the house and my two stepsisters were both older and lived on their own. So I never had someone to teach me the ropes on “being a girl”. Sure I had my mom, but my mom never really wore makeup and did her hair in the same style day in and day out. So, unfortunately, she wasn’t much help in that department. I also didn’t have very many girlfriends as a teenager. I was always that girl with who only really hung out with guys.

At the time I never really cared about makeup or fashion. Going to such a small school, I didn’t care if I was dolled up like the other girls. I did manage to teach myself some basic makeup applications. But it was all simple and easy. And I was totally ok with that! The only time I would really wear makeup was for special occasions. I also kept my style fairly basic, usually a single colored shirt and a pair of jeans. Can’t go wrong with that right??

But as I’ve gotten older, I’ve slowly started to regret not being interested in fashion or makeup. I see all these beautiful looks makeup artists create and post on Instagram. I see all the cute outfits girls wear. While I may not have been interested when I was younger, I am slowly becoming way more interested now! Luckily, I have an awesome friend who an amazing makeup artist who is always there when I have any questions (that’s me up top^, MUA: Shirley). I’m also teaching myself by utilizing Instagram and YouTube. (P.S. I’m still holding out hope that I’ll make a new girl (best) friend who’ll take me under her wing and teach me how to apply makeup and how to dress better 💁🏻)

So until then, drop some links to your favorite beauty bloggers and makeup artists. I’ll take all the help I get!