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Shae & Mya

Hey guys! I can’t believe that another year has come and gone! Where does the time go?! Like most people, I’m sure you’ve made one or two new years resolutions. I know that I’ve made a few of them! One of my resolutions that I’ve made this year is to start taking my dog Shae out on more adventures. My boyfriend, unfortunately, isn’t too big on taking my dog out on adventures (lame! I know! But we love him anyways 😋). Which is where my best friend comes in! A few months ago she got a pitbull. Mya is 10 months old and is the biggest sweetheart! She is still learning how to act in public, but for the most part is well behaved.

Our first adventure of the new year was to Rock & Brews out in Redondo Beach. Rock & Brews is a family (and dog!) friendly, affordable American restaurant located at 6300 S Pacific Coast Highway. It is one of 19 Rock & Brews restaurants founded by by Michael Zislis, Dave Furano, Dell Furano, Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons. The inside is filled with long tables, think family stye, and lots of rock and roll posters. The outside also has long, picnic style tables, which are perfect for those who bring their dogs. Some of the tables also have a heater right on top. Which sort of get in the way, but I bet are amazing during the colder weather. I did notice that there is a small play area for kids which personally I’ve never seen a restaurant do (with the exception of fast food joints).

Rock & Brews has a fairly extensive menu, both food and alcohol wise. When it comes to alcohol, Rock & Brews focuses more beer than anything else. They have over 50 different international and craft beers, 16 wines, and 12 speciality drinks. The food is pretty typical of an casual American restaurant; burgers, ribs, salads, wings,etc. I love that there is something for everyone.

My favorite part of the menu though has got to be the dog menu! They offer 2 types of dog brews, cock-a-doodle brew and beefy brown ale. Shae wasn’t too big a fan of the beefy brew but next time she’ll try the cock-a-doodle brew. The food menu consists of hot dogs, bacon, burgers (choice of meat or veggie) and chicken. Mya and Shae got 2 hamburger patties and hot dogs. They were in heaven with their food!

From the moment we walked in, I was in love with Rock & Brews. The hosts were super friendly and helpful. They sat us down quickly on the patio and brought out water bowls for the pups. The waiters were just as helpful. They took the dogs orders first then took our orders. Even though they were busy, our food was brought out quickly and it tasted AMAZING! All in all, it was a great experience and can’t wait to go back with the pups! Have you been to Rock & Brews? If so, I would love to hear about experience below!