LWCUS Apple Watch Band

Hey everyone! I was recently given this LWCUS Apple Watch Band in exchange for honest opinion.

Apple Band
LWCUS Apple Watch Band 38MM

At first I was super excited to receive this band. I mean, look at how cute it is! This band is meant for the 38MM Apple Watch. I of course picked the Rose Gold model. When I first ordered this band I thought it was going to be rose gold as well. Unfortunately though it came in gold. But luckily it sort of matches the rose gold color.

The color I would have to say is my favorite thing about the band. It is such a lovely gold color. You are able to dress up any outfit or you can even wear it with a casual outfit. Even with the casual outfit it doesn’t look tacky or out of place.

The band is sort of heavy compared to my original band. But that is because it is made with stainless steel whereas the original band is made up of a type of rubber. I was worried that the band might pinch me but that hasn’t happened.

I really liked this band but unfortuntely it was just a tad bit too big for me. It didn’t sit the way I wanted to. The downside to being so freaking tiny! Other than that little issue, I would highly recommend this band. If you are interested in purchasing this band, please check out http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07461LW6R

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